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Library Borrowing Policy

As a HERI member, you have the privilege of borrowing resources from the HERI library each school year from August through May (extensions for the summer may be granted with approval from the librarian). 

Upon checking out resources you agree to:

  • Take care of the borrowed resources:  no writing, highlighting or marking in them.
  • Return or renew them by the scheduled due date.  Items may be renewed two times and may be done so via email.  Over the summer renewals are allowed with permission from the librarian and must be communicated prior to the end of the school year date in May.
  • Pay any late fees or lost book fees as assessed due to neglect.

Fees will be assessed as follows:

  • $.50 per resource, per day late fee (Monday and Thursday)
  • Cost to replace lost or damaged book
    You have the option to replace a lost book with the same book or a more current version of the lost book

The HERI Board may decide to deny future membership or privileges for failure to comply with this policy.

These policies are subject to change at any time with HERI Board approval.