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Exhibitors / Speakers / Workshops / Sponsors & Raffle Donors

HERI Home Education Expo 2017
Friday, July 21             2PM - 7PM
Saturday, July 22       9AM - 5PM

Trinity Baptist College - 800 Hammond Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32221



KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  ______________________
Eric Hovind       www.CreationToday.org

What will Eric being speaking about?__________________________________

The Mind of the Skeptic

With atheism on the rise, how do Christians answer the skeptics questions about God? In this session, we will give you the 4 critical questions to ask any skeptic and reveal the proofs needed to get the skeptic to worship the God of the Bible!

Case for Creation
If the Creation Worldview were truly scientific, then it should have some predictive capabilities. So what should we expect to see in the world if God really created it out of nothing just 6,000 years ago? You will be amazed and entertained as the science of Creation comes to life before your eyes! 

God’s Glory: A Journey of Discovery 
What shook Eric’s faith to the very core making him question everything he believed—even whether he really knew the God of the Bible? This intimate, personal message by Eric Hovind takes you on a journey into the reality of God Himself. God’s Glory! has been used to propel many to take an honest look at what they believe about God. Eric invites you to take your first step, or your next step in discovering that EVERYTHING happens for God’s Glory! 



THANK YOU to our 




  • Crayola - two tickets to Crayola Experience ($46 value)
  • Merritt Speech:  Audio/Visual Screening ($500 value)
  • Teaching Textbooks: Math 3 CD ($100 value)
  • Easy Grammar: 180 Daily Teaching Lessons, grade 9  ($45 value)
  • CLT:  three certificates to take CLT exam (a $49 value/each)
  • More Than Ink 
  • Chick Fil-A
  • FSCJ Artist Series (show tickets $119 value) 



WORKSHOP SCHEDULE:______________________

Topics you want to learn more about!  Come learn how to get started in home educating, get your questions answered, learn something new or simply reenergize for another year!




Exhibitors that sell the curriculum you are looking for to cater to your child's needs and exhibitors that offer the activities you want your child to experience plus so much more!


EXPO PROGRAM:___________________

Follow the link below to view the HERI Home Education Expo digital program 2017



FOOD TRUCK:______________________

Eddis & Sons food truck will be at Trinity Baptist College on Saturday, July 22 from 10 am to 2pm for your dining convenience.  Check out their menu and follow them on Facebook.  facebook.com/eddisandsons


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