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Advertising with HERI

We limit our advertising to homeschooling related resources and businesses.

HERI Facebook, Home Forum and eBlast Ads

HERI Facebook Ad - Listing is good for one consecutive month. Your ad will be posted once a week for four weeks for $40.  Must be a jpg format.

HERI eBlast Ad - HERI's bi-weekly electronic email.  This is sent to every HERI member. Your 1/8 page (4" W x 2.5" H) size ad, will be sent two times for $40.  Must be a jpg format.

HERI eBlast Solo Ad - from You - to HERI Members - HERI will send a special eBlast with your ad ONLY to every HERI member for $225.  Must be a jpg format.

Home Forum Newsletter Ad- The Home Forum newsletter is emailed to HERI members. The Home Forum is published (Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec, Jan/Feb, Mar/April).  PDF file is preferred, jpg or png formats are also accepted.

Rotating Slideshow Home Page Ad - For one consecutive month (can begin at any point in the month and will run for 30 days) for $100.  Must be a jpg format.

Service Directory Ad - Listing is good for three consecutive months for $25, six months for $40, or one year's period for $70. This is for local businesses/resources only.  We will add a link to your website under our service directory menu.  We can post your small business logo, if submitted in a jpg format.

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Ad Options/Prices

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Facebook Ad $40 (1x Week/4 weeks) eBlast Ad $40 (2x Month/1 Month)
Slideshow Ad $100 (30 days) eBlast Solo Ad - from You - to HERI Members $225
Service Directory Ad - 3 months $25 Service Directory Ad - 6 months $35
Service Directory Ad - 12 months $70 Home Forum Full Page Color Ad $200
Home Forum 1/2 Page Color Ad $140 Home Forum 1/4 Page Color Ad $70
Home Forum 1/8 Page Color Ad $45