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Learn more about Calendar with Online Sign Ups


Calendar with Online Sign ups!




Use our amazing interactive calendar to simplify the planning of events. 

Do you have a field trip, science fair, party, or potluck to plan?  We have the tool for you!  Post your event on the calendar.  Ask members to sign up.  During the sign up process a downloadable roster is compiled and payment can be collected.  You might even ask for details such as what dish they plan to bring to the potluck or the age of the child going on the field trip.  It’s that easy!

The online calendar is useful for posting non sign up events as well, such as your co-op schedule and parent meetings.  It comes complete with:

  • Easy point & click setup
  • Ability to advertise using either simple text, uploaded graphics, or other creative media
  • Driving directions when you provide the address of the location
  • Recurring events
  • Color-coding to help families quickly spot events that interest them
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Online sign ups will make a world of difference to event planners and field trip leaders, not to mention the impact on families.  Imagine populating your calendar with your co-op schedule, field trips, spelling bee, science fair, parties….  Your families go to your online calendar to find information about all of the events your group provides.  While there, they register and pay for what captures their interest.  It’s that easy!