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No web design or programming experience needed!

Do you use Microsoft Word? Can you point with a mouse and copy and paste? Then you can set up your own group website. It’s that easy! You may have known the benefits of having a group website but perhaps it seemed out of reach. If no one in your group is a computer programmer or web designer and there is not enough money to hire someone, what options did you have?

Now there is a simple solution! 

Homeschool-Life.com has just made having your very own group website a reality! Join the over 80,000 homeschooling families in the United States and abroad who are using Homeschool-Life.com. See for yourself the testimonials. Homeschool-Life.com can improve communication and bring order to your group while making the leader’s job easier. Many say they don’t know how they lived without it.  

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We can help you find more time to lead your group/co-op and homeschool your children.

Request a Free 60 Day Trial. No obligation. No risk. Click HERE to begin your free 60 Day Trial. Most trial websites are dispensed the same day. It’s that easy!

Your privacy is important to us

You can trust us to keep your group website safe and your online information protected. We have a built in security measures that give you control over who joins and has access to your secure members-only site.

ABC’s of How to Begin

  1. Once your trial site is setup, check your email. Homeschool-Life.com will be sending you an email with links to your new website. Be aware that you will be receiving 3 websites:
    * Public (used to advertise your group to the public – no login needed)
    * Member (secure site for your members only – member login needed), and
    * Admin (accessed only by those whom you select to be administrators of your website – admin login needed)

  2. Plan: download the planning checklist below as a guide to get you started

  3. Practice: download the practice checklist as a guide to get familar with the site

Share the good news with your membership!  

Tell your members how excited you are to have a new website. Share with them the benefits of being able to connect with each other via a forum, group calendar, directory, accounting, and classes all at one central location at the tip of their fingers. Tell them you are mobile friendly. Point out how convenient it will be when they are on-the-go and they can simply pull up the membership directory complete with driving directions or check the calendar for details of the field trip they are trying to find. It’s that easy!

Sample Sites: How Are Other Homeschool Group / Co-op Sites Setup

Click HERE for our Sample Website or click HERE to see public home pages of other groups. (This page will display a map. Click a state on the map. A list of homeschooling groups will appear on the right. Click on a group name to see their home page.)