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Getting Started





Getting Started!

We can help you find more time to lead your group and homeschool your children.

Request a Free 60 Day Trial. No obligation. No risk. Click HERE to begin your free 60 Day Trial. Most trial websites are dispensed the same day. It’s that easy!

ABC’s of How to Begin.

  1. Check your email. Homeschool-Life.com will be sending you an email with links to your new website. Be aware that you will be receiving 3 websites:
  1. Public (used to advertise your group to the public – no login needed),
  2. Member (secure site for your members only – member login needed), and
  3. Admin (accessed only by those whom you select to be administrators of your website – admin login needed).
  1. Plan Show More
  2. Practice Show More

Share the good news!  Tell your members how excited you are to have a new website.  Share with them the benefits of being able to connect with each other via a forum, group calendar, directory, accounting, and classes all at one central location at the tip of their fingers. Tell them you are mobile friendly. Point out how convenient it will be when they are on-the-go and they can simply pull up the membership directory complete with driving directions or check the calendar for details of the field trip they are trying to find. It’s that easy!